Team Meeting at TableAt Raven Management Group (RMG) our company mandate is simple:  to assist employers in protecting their most valuable assets – their employees.  We at RMG have taken our passion for Health and Safety to ensure that employers meet and exceed any regulation or standard.

We believe that every employee has the right to leave their job at the end of each day in the same or better condition than when they arrived.  A successful safety program begins with having a solid occupational health and safety program.

The key is to first plan safety into the work and then work the plan. Safety programs that are based on reaction models rather than prevention tend to be costly, ineffective and are ultimately doomed to fail.

With experience within both OHS Consulting and Safety Program Management for various sized firms across many sectors RMG understands the value of having an effective and compliant OHS Program in place.

However, we firmly believe that safety cannot simply consist of documents on a shelf that check the regulatory boxes. Programs must be practical, stream-lined and efficient to ensure they are implemented and followed.

Having worked on both the consulting and implementation sides of the fence, RMG has gained insight into the daily challenges Employers face in the management of their OHS systems. Combined with our varied experience in Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety, professional designations, and vast knowledge of OHS Regulations; RMG possesses the skills to assist your Company with its health, safety and industrial hygiene needs.

Consulting Services

Raven Management Group (RMG) is a boutique style consulting firm specializing in high quality, cost effective and customized safety consulting services.  Our services are provided at your location and on your schedule. Listed below is a summary of some of the services that we currently offer:

Site Audits: Audits of your facility (off site location, job site or satellite office) to ensure compliance with your own in house safety policy, Provincial Ministry of Labour requirements  and identified best practices. The results are provided in a clear, concise format along with suggested corrective actions where required. These audits are usually completed within a day (depending on site size and number of shifts) and in turn will form an integral part of a company’s due diligence plan.

Program Development: RMG provides tailor made Occupational Health & Safety programs that concentrates on prevention rather than reaction. This program is designed specifically for your firm to ensure that your organization is meeting all the legal requirements. While being able to address job hazards, safe operating procedures and hazard awareness specifically for your location.

Program Management: Use our expertise to manage your day-to-day safety operations, including training (some exceptions apply), program updates, annual audits, monthly inspections, investigations, meetings and provincial workers compensation board issues all for a fixed contract price.

Investigations: Accidents can be stressful for both the injured worker, fellow employees and the company. Conducting a full and complete investigation that identifies all root causes, suggests corrective actions and communicates any policy changes and finally audits these changes for implementation and compliance is a must. RMG has investigated over 1500 workplace injuries and our investigators are all former investigators with experience in handling all types of workplace accident/incident investigations. Coupled with our medical staff, engineering contractors and provincial compensation board specialists we can provide you with the expertise needed to successfully investigate and manage your workplace investigation.

Staff: RMG provides short/long term safety staff for off-site projects, remote projects, vacation/various leave coverage, construction projects, plant shutdown’s and special events. All our safety staff are WSIB part 1 & 2 certified with additional training in industrial safety, construction safety and advanced first aid/AED.

Remote Safety Services: RMG provides safety management services and safety staff for remote or high-risk ventures.  We can provide full turnkey services for these projects and be in place within 30 days. All our remote safety staff are also cross trained in advanced first aid with AED and Oxygen administration certification.

Please contact us for additional information on our services.