Workplace Hazards Risk Assessment

Each workplace has its own unique hazards that pose a potential risk of harm to workers if not properly assessed and controlled. It is the Employer’s responsibility to ensure that these hazards are identified and communicated to employees.  Furthermore, it is also the responsibility of the employer to take the necessary steps to minimize or eliminate the risk of harm.

The first step in controlling a hazard is a Risk Assessment.  This assessment can be narrow in scope- pertaining to a single take/operation or it can be broad and comprehensive in nature.

A Risk Assessment works to first identify hazards via walkthrough surveys/inspections, interviews and review of relevant documentation.  Following the identification of hazards a risk classification is assigned to each hazard based on the probability and severity of harm associated with the specific hazard. From there control measures are then determined, according to the Hierarchy of Controls.

RMG is pleased to offer the following Risk Assessment services:

  • Chemical/physical/biological exposure risk assessments
  • Job hazard/risk assessments
  • Site-wide hazard identification and assessment
  • Hazardous Materials (e.g. asbestos, lead, silica) risk assessments
  • Confined Space hazard assessments
  • Lock-out/Tag-out risk assessments
  • Fall hazard/risk assessments
  • Mobile Equipment Risk Assessments
  • Remote location and High- Risk location risk assessments
  • Workplace Violence risk assessments
  • Customized Risk Assessments to meet your company’s specific needs

Please contact us for additional information on Risk Assessments and pricing.