Raven Management Group is well known provider in a multitude of expert medical services in the Commercial, Remote Medical Services and Event Medical Services fields.


RMG owns and operates fully equipped B.L.S. Ambulance vehicles. The vehicles are equipped to B.L.S. standards as set out by the Ontario Ministry of Health. We provide all on site E.M.S. equipment necessary at any event we cover.  Part of our Service will also include the stocking of First Aid rooms with the appropriate equipment.  This may include a full range of A.L.S equipment.


  • 25 years of experience serving large and small Sports and Entertainment Venues
  • EFR, Primary Care and Advanced Care Paramedic, RN’s & MD’s
  • Service both Professional and Amateur Sporting and Entertainment Events
  • Detailed Policy and Procedures developed for individual Venues or Event
  • Variety of programs tailored to individual requirements
  • 24 hour/365 day Services
  • On Site supervisory staff for events and 24- hour contact with supervisory staff for medical transports
  • All services are overseen by our independent Medical Director


  • Providing on-site paramedics to film and television productions since 1995
  • All staff are well versed in procedures “on-set”
  • Professional, low profile appearance
  • 24 hour / 365 day service


The demands of remote field operations present challenges that call for a high level of expertise, preparation and planning. Unfortunately, even the best laid plans may fail in the event of unforeseen hazards, environmental obstacles, or human error.

Effective emergency response capabilities save money, speed recovery, reduce injuries and lost time, and prevent accidents. Remote Medical Services provides proactive rescue planning and emergency medical response to enhance the safety and efficiency of every remote industrial operation

Our Mobile Treatment Centers and ambulances are four-wheel drive equipped and have the ability to travel in remote locations in all weather conditions.  MTC units are outfitted to exceed regulations in every region of Canada and the US.  All vehicles are equipped with radios, global positioning systems and cellular phones on board.  With the ability to modify our units to fit any client’s needs

  • Fully equipped medical trailers that can be transported and installed Worldwide
  • Basic and Advanced Life Support Services available
  • EFR, Paramedic, EFR, RN or MD services available
  • Quality Control to insure superior service
  • On site 24 hour/365 day Service


We carry the most comprehensive insurance coverage in the industry, three separate policies are in force to protect all aspects of our service.

  1. $5 Million Professional Liability
  2. $5 Million General Liability
  3. $1 Million Fleet Liability

RMG will provide a Certificate of Insurance to our client listing them as an additional insured on our professional liability policy.