BiohazardCovid-19 Emergency Decontamination Services

RMG realizes that COVID 19 has brought unprecedented challenges for businesses of all kinds. In these trying times, RMG has developed both daily sanitization and emergency decontamination programs to respond to your needs. We have put in place strategic methods to decontaminate or sanitize your facility using hospital grade germicides and proper infection control systems. Our highly trained staff of medical and allied medical occupations are ready to deliver a complete and safe disinfectant cleaning of your facility. Our professionalism, training, equipment and attention to detail will help your facility meet the current PHAC and Ministry of Labour guidelines.

There are four key benefits to having these services performed by RMG:

  • Knowledge & Validation: RMG has had the benefit of having completed these programs in various environments. We have the ability to share best practices that strengthen individual programs.  Industry wide knowledge held by RMG can serve to validate existing programs and provide recommendations for improvement or change when deemed necessary
  • Safety: Our staff are former paramedics, lab-tec’s, Medical Assistants, doctors and allied health professionals, all with extensive infection control training. Using RMG reduces your overall risk from both an infection control and potential employee exposure standpoint
  • Quality: We follow all PHAC, CDC and CMA infection control guidelines. All of our programs are reviewed by our medical director to ensure that quality and safety protocols are continued
  • Low Business Impact: Sanitization programs that are conducted internally can be taxing on time and labour. Taking away from other important business functions.  Our staff have the ability to enter the location and complete the decontamination in a timely and effective manner without interrupting the efficiency of the company

Having a well prepared and executed program can make substantial difference in the prevention of infections, incidents, program violations and injuries as well as forming an integral part of a “due diligence” program.

Please call 226-972-1539 or email for more information; details available as a PDF.


COVID-19 Emergency Management Services

Emergency Management Services

If the current outbreak has taught us anything, it is that all workplaces need to be able to respond quickly, efficiently and safely to critical events regardless of their origin. Raven Management Group has developed a 3-hour educational session for business owners, senior managers and frontline supervisors to assist in the planning, recovery and resumption of business when disasters strike, these sessions cover topics such as

  • Building, testing and auditing your internal emergency response plan,
  • Supply chain issues,
  • Alternative work procedures,
  • Emergency Response lesson learned and best practices from the current outbreak,

Contact us today at 226.972.1539 or at to book your on-site session.