Employee Investigations

At Raven Management Group we offer a variety of high-quality investigations services. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide effective, complete and professional investigation services that exceed industry standards. As an investigation typically consists of several layers it requires a well thought out plan. With the assistance of our consultants we can help you subjectively build an investigation plan that fits with your organization.

All of our investigators are provincially licensed, bonded, insured and are subject to our own internal quality assurance program.

Areas of Specialty:

  • Pre-hire employment checks
  • Internal theft/fraud
  • Criminal record searches
  • In-depth reference and credit checks
  • Workplace Violence and harassment investigations
  • Product tampering
  • IT misuse
  • Social media
  • Disability verification
  • Insurance fraud
  • Physical Surveillance
  • Mystery Shopper/Quality Assurance
  • Workplace Drug Use
  • Undercover Assignments

Addressing misconduct within the workplace can be a complex task whether it is completed internally or externally. With recent changes within the law employers have the expectation to properly manage investigations with the intention of eliminating the issue at hand.

Over the years we have found that many employers often choose to utilize internal resources when dealing with any type of workplace misconduct. As a result, these investigations tend to be a double- edged sword as utilizing an untrained (unskilled) investigation may do more harm than good to both fellow employees and the company. When selecting the right team to assist during an investigation the following areas need to be taken into consideration.

  • Impartial to both parties
  • Working and comprehensive knowledge of Canadian employment law and legal requirements
  • Understanding of internal policies and procedures
  • Ability to cultivate, analyze and present information in a clear and concise manner
  • Provide objective solutions and unbiassed recommendations

RMG has conducted hundreds of investigations over the years for a wide spectrum of clients, our staff of investigators are experienced, knowledgeable and professional. All have former law enforcement, intelligence or executive security backgrounds and are well versed in the methods, tools and evidentiary requirements and procedures.

RMG can assist your firm with:

  • Workplace Violence and harassment investigations
  • Critical injury/ workplace fatality investigations
  • WSIB claims/Attendance investigations
  • Internal/external safety or policy violation investigations
  • Internal substance abuse investigations
  • Discrimination or job performance

For further information or to contact our investigations team please call our office or email sophie@ravengroup.ca