Regardless of business type we can help.  At RMG we know custom solutions.  See how we can help you…….

Large Organizations – Private Sector

We know that large businesses can be complex at times, at RMG our goal is to make them simple.  With backgrounds in various environments our consultants will find you the right solutions.  RMG can assist large businesses address the following issues, effectively and efficiently.

  • Private Sector Consulting Services
  • Legal assessment
  • Risk mitigation
  • Complex training schedules
  • New hires orientation
  • Business case rationale
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Multiple locations
  • Multi-year strategy
  • Leadership support

Public Sector Accessibility

Public Sector organizations typically consist of several layers and therefore requires strategic solutions. RMG provides planning, implementation, and training expertise for:

  • Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation
  • Draft Built Environment Standards
  • Remediation and prioritization
  • Barrier identification
  • Building audits
  • Capital planning
  • Employee accommodation
  • Website accessibility
  • Alternate formats

Small Business Accessibility

There is no doubt that small businesses play a big part in our workforce.  Within Ontario alone there are over 300,000+ small businesses.   For small businesses we have the services that are just right with the ability to offer the following:

  • Simplified compliance
  • Reduced time and effort, saving money
  • Fill-in-the-blank templates
  • Low-cost training
  • Expert guidance
  • Support network
  • Checklist
  • Disability confidence

Non-Profit Accessibility

Non- Profits play an active role in many areas throughout Canada.  Just in Ontario almost over 40,000 Ontario residents rely heavily on non-profit organizations for a variety of resources and services within their community.  Our cost-effective simplified solutions RMG are an affordable option for non-profits to achieve compliance and address issues such as:

  • High staff turnover
  • Scarcity of funding and resources
  • Many volunteers
  • Many clients with disabilities