Ontario’s workers’ compensation system is complicated, and dealing with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board can be difficult and time consuming.

Let our experienced staff focus on your WSIB claims while you focus on your business.

Our services include:

  • Auditing Accident Cost Statements with a goal of identifying cost savings.
  • Managing and monitoring of all claims from start to finish in order to keep costs as low as possible.
  • Evaluating and helping with return to work program development (Early and Safe Return to Work) and claims management systems.
  • Preparing appeals and representing employers at all levels of the appeals process by qualified legal staff.
  • Advising on and resolving complex claims
  • Advocating with WSIB contacts.
  • Training by employer-designated onsite compensation specialists.
  • Review and guidance for WSIB “workwell” audits

Managing the WSIB Process

The best possible outcomes for the employer and the worker are achieved if:

  • The worker’s medical condition is identified and treated early.
  • A clear understanding of the issues and the process is communicated to the WSIB before a decision is made.
  • The worker is confident of the employer’s interest and competence in protecting the worker’s health.
  • The worker and the employer provide accurate and relevant workplace information to the WSIB at the outset.
  • The issues in dispute are identified and resolved before proceeding with costly appeals.
  • The worker returns to work after an injury as early and as safely as possible.

Our staff has over 20 years experience in dealing with the WSIB, we have represented clients in the construction, property management, entertainment, heavy industry, civil construction, distribution, medical and metal working fields. Additionally, Raven Management Group has our own medical and Para-medical staff available to provide expert medical opinions and with access to some of the finest legal providers in Ontario you can be sure your interests are represented at all times.