Temporary & Permanent Staffing Solutions – Canada, USA and South & Central America:

RMG provides experienced and credentialed OHS professionals to protect a company’s greatest asset- their people.  We offer many safety staffing solutions to fit the needs of your business.  Assignments can be either short term or permanent with the flexibility of being able to provide services to one or more locations.

Through our full-time recruiting efforts, we maintain a national network of safety professionals. As a direct result of this, we have the ability to respond quickly to any safety staffing requests.  With hands-on experience in all aspects of safety management within many different environments our team offers your organization peace of mind through our smart, proactive cost- effective solutions.

Contact us for your safety staffing needs:

  • Confined Space Attendants
  • Confined Space Response Team
  • Construction Safety Officers
  • Industrial Safety Officers
  • Remote Location safety staff
  • High Risk Ventures/location safety staff
  • Special Event Safety Staff
  • Plant Shut Downs/ Turn-arounds and Expansions
  • First Aid Attendants
  • Mobile Safety Units