There is only one way to find out if your processes and procedures for building security and access control are effective and that’s to test them. We don’t mean by running an in house exercise that everyone knows is coming and prepares for. If you take your business continuity and physical security arrangements seriously then that means it needs to be tested by specialists who know all the tricks, have done it many times before, and most importantly know how sensitively an exercise like this has to be handled.

Raven Management Group’s team of business continuity and resilience testing specialists have gained their skills from a wide range of experiences. We include former Police Detectives, Military Specialists, IT Specialists, Intelligence Officers and Company Directors. We combine this with experience in the implementation of Management Systems and as members of the BSI Approved Consultants Programme have helped companies gain the relevant ISO Standards for Business Continuity and Security.

We currently work as consultants and auditors in Construction Services, Avaition, Aerospace, Power Generation, Entertainment, Industrial, Legal Practices, Hospitals and the Emergency Services providing training and testing at all levels. This means that we have the knowledge and experience to thoroughly test your processes and procedures and most importantly quantify for you the likely business impact that a security breach could cause.

Tests can take the form of a simple two hour exercise to test your Intruder Contingency Plans and Building Sweep procedures to larger more complex events involving several of our team members spread over several days testing various elements of your process, procedures and contingency plans.

You will be secure in the knowledge that we’ve done it many times before, in many different environments, and we are successful. Our primary objective in all penetration Audits is to not embarrass anyone, treat it as a learning exercise and by working with the organisation work to mitigate the gaps we expose.

We are always able to provide confidential case histories and recommendations from our existing clients should you need them.