Raven Management Group offers a variety of services that increase the security of at-risk executives in a variety of settings; in their homes and offices on a daily basis, at special events, and throughout domestic or international travel.

A team of RMG experts will work with executives to provide the most comprehensive suite of protective services available in the marketplace.

  • We use industry exclusive protection technologies to provide key employees with the appropriate level of security coverage even when no on-site executive security personnel are desired
  • We can provide a full-time close protection detail, occasional protective security drivers, travel planning assistance or special event related temporary protection
  • We have established a global network of trained protection specialists that can be called upon to do the job with professionalism and attention to detail

Executive & Close Protection

RMG protection specialists are prepared to safely escort and transport a client’s executive personnel both in North America and around the world. Our professional management team can quickly provide clients with the appropriate level of security coverage for both short site visits and prolonged domestic or international travel. The resulting plan can provide protective escorts from point to point or continuously throughout the day either physically or during times of lower threat levels through technology. Both male and female close protection specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Members of this detail are highly trained individuals who qualify for these assignments in either an unarmed or armed capacity dependent upon local regulations and laws.

Our executive protection specialists will gather intelligence and prepare a target vulnerability assessment. They will conduct site specific security advance visits, coordinate secure ground and air transportation, and develop immediate reaction protocols and emergency response contingencies. They remain alert for any type of surveillance for the protected executive and engage in proactive counter surveillance operations. Our clients benefit from time tested protective methodologies combined with specific knowledge on how they apply to the locations on the itinerary. Effective executive protection techniques will vary from country to country or even from city to city within the same country. As highly credible service providers, Our protection specialists easily adapt to any environment and are trained to conduct operations in a manner that is practical, legal and effective.

Protective Security Drivers

If clients do not need a full scale protective detail, we can provide security drivers for executives and family members at home and while traveling. The drivers practice daily surveillance detection techniques and can recognize potential threats. Once advance notice of an itinerary is received, our drivers select appropriate routes with alternates, and design an unpredictable schedule that maximizes security and safety during daily commutes or event related travel. Emergency evacuation contingencies are also a key component of the driver’s security planning, noting safe havens along each route.

Domestic and Overseas Travel Security

Today’s corporate executives often must travel to unstable locations around the world and their safety should always be of the utmost concern. Our protection specialists are experienced in making security arrangements for executives visiting high risk environments. With its unparalleled global reach, RMG can provide detailed security plans and coordinate operations no matter where employees must travel. Before departure, Our specialists will provide intelligence briefings for the countries on the employee’s itinerary. Plans will be prepared for arriving at commercial airports or securing a corporate aircraft at each destination. Local options for ground transportation will be explored and vetted. Security at hotels and other sites to be visited will be reviewed and proactive security procedures will be enacted before the employee arrives. Emergency evacuation procedures will also be designed for each location. RMG can also provide specific training programs to educate clients on how to protect and safeguard themselves when traveling. RMG also offers expertise in travel security planning and training on how to handle potentially hostile environments.

Corporate Event Security

Corporate events are often high-profile affairs and RMG can be relied upon to ensure executives who attend these unique events feel safe and secure. Whether the event is an annual shareholder meeting, a product or service announcement, an executive retreat, or a corporate celebration, We can be relied upon to deliver time after time. Successful event security depends on planning, and experienced RMG protection specialists will conduct advanced risk assessments and develop a contingency plan. The plan will coordinate logistics with the venue’s security and other stakeholders. Access control and perimeter security monitoring as well as the security of designated VIP rooms and parking areas will be reviewed and adjusted if necessary. The plan will also include actions to be taken should an emergency occur, including immediate response protocols. RMG will supply fully trained uniformed and plain clothes security (where local regulations permit) personnel as necessary. The on-site team can provide threat reaction planning and coordinate with law enforcement and emergency service providers.

Workplace Violence Program Assessment and Development

Comprehensive safety legislation at both the provincial, state and federal levels require employers to provide a safe working environment. Many companies set policies that are designed keep them in compliance but ignore the actual spirit of the law, which is to protect employees from bullying, harassment, and violence in the workplace. RMG recognizes that a company’s employees are its most valuable resource. To ensure their safety, RMG’s management team aggressively works with clients not only to advise them on compliance issues but also to assist in creating sound strategies that actually protect the work force. RMG will investigate allegations of harassment and bullying and help prepare preventative strategies to counter workplace violence incidences. RMG strictly adheres to local laws when conducting an investigation to mitigate a client’s liability exposure. Investigations of employees must be warranted, and the experienced RMG management team is well aware of the “red flags” that pass the legal tests for surveillance and understands the need to comply with privacy laws.

Estate Security

The prevalence of unscrupulous actors on the world stage mandates securing the property of current or retired corporate executives, dignitaries, entertainers, athletes or other recognizable personalities. With its unmatched standards for high level security in both corporate and personal settings, RMG brings unique expertise to designing and executing an executive residential estate security program. Following a comprehensive security audit of existing personnel and physical security policies, a specially trained team of RMG professionals will recommend ways to upgrade or renew existing practices. They can hire estate security staff following thorough with background checks and train them on specific assignments throughout the property. The RMG team can provide the same detailed vetting process for other estate employees and household staff as needed.
The team will maintain total perimeter security, monitor access control systems and develop a process for inspecting packages delivered to the estate. They will also monitor suppliers who need access to the estate and oversee any construction workers who may be on the site temporarily. The security team will also become familiar with local emergency services and coordinate plans for quick access should medical or law enforcement personnel need to be summoned.

High-Risk Termination Assistance

Terminating employees is never pleasant but the stakes are become extremely high if the individual potentially could be aggressive or violent. With RMG as a partner, companies can effectively handle these unenviable situations while increasing employee safety and confidence. RMG’s personnel will coordinate with a client’s management and human resource staff, as well as with local law enforcement should they be needed. Our employees are professionally trained in non-physical crisis intervention, verbal de-escalation and employee protection techniques. We can provide a security presence during the termination meeting and can help staff develop response strategies for potential confrontational scenarios. RMG can also escort the employee from the premises and monitor the individual’s activities during a certain time frame. Once the process is complete, RMG will meet with staff to evaluate the situation and make recommendations that can help prevent a potentially dangerous situation from resurfacing. This service is offered with one goal in mind–To reduce the potential threat of workplace violence at the client’s business and reduce potential liability to the organization.