The Certificate of Recognition (COR®) program is an occupational health and safety program designation that verifies that a company has fully-implemented a health and safety management system that meets national standards.

COR is nationally trademarked and is endorsed by participating members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA).  The objective of this designation is to provide companies with the knowledge and tools to develop effective health and safety management systems to identify weaknesses that can lead to costly workplace injuries and incidents.

COR is the national standard in safety recognition within the safety industry and its objective is to reduce incidents and their associated human and financial costs. COR certification is now frequently required as a pre-qualification and/or condition of contract by public and private buyers of construction across Canada.  As a result, a significant number of industry-leading companies are now COR certified.

RMG has assisted many clients across Canada in obtaining their COR Status.  From the beginning to the end we can help your firm achieve and maintain your COR Status.  We can assist through the following stages-

  • Pre-submission reviews
  • Site audits
  • Training
  • Annual audits/program reviews
  • Documentation verification and updates

COR Program Certification Benefits

Injury prevention and cost savings: A COR certified company can experience reduced financial costs associated with injuries and incidents that affect the company’s financial bottom line. A good safety record will enhance an organization’s reputation in the industry. Employers have found that an evaluation of their health and safety program is an effective way to identify organizational weaknesses that require correction. This can lead to improvements within the system that will result in fewer injuries and interruptions within the workplace.  With these measures in place an organization can be more productive and profitable.

Pre-bid qualification: COR certification is a pre-bid qualification requirement for many buyers of construction across Canada. Qualifying your company to bid puts your company at an advantage when compared to those companies that are not COR certified. The COR program is often referenced by construction owners and contractors to locate employers with a demonstrated commitment to accident prevention.

Due diligence: The documentation and general safety awareness produced by the COR process may also provide evidence of due diligence if your company is charged with an Occupational Health and Safety offence. Through the process of training, program development, and implementation companies can become more of an effective organization.