Team Meeting at TableA Gap Analysis is an effective tool that can be used to identify gaps in regulatory compliance.  It involves determining company specific hazards, reviewing existing safety programs, plans, policies, internal records and procedures.  Once the hazards have been determined they are then compared against applicable regulations and best practices to identify areas of non-compliance.

Safety audits form a vital component of the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” model for continuous improvement. Not only do audits aid in identifying areas of conflict or non-compliance with regulations, they can also identify areas where company policies and procedures are not being followed or enforced. They provide an opportunity to determine which areas of the plan are effective and those that require tweaking.

RMG would be pleased to partner with your firm to provide Gap Analysis and Auditing Services:

  • OHS Management System/document and compliance gap analysis.
  • Site-specific regulatory compliance audits;

Please call or contact for additional information on Gap Analysis / Audits and pricing