Safety Programs and Plans form the foundation of an Employer’s overall Occupational Health and Safety Management System.   They contain vital information that is essential in protecting workers from harm. These types of programs include information regarding the Company’s policies, procedures and expectations.

Procedures are field-level and provide step-by-step instructions on how to execute a specific task or operation.  They also outline all required safety considerations.

Many safety programs, plans and procedures are regulatory requirements. The keys to a successful program, plan or procedure include:

  • Specificity: Being tailored to the Company’s operations;
  • Practicality: Being comprehensive, yet concise and user-friendly; and
  • Compliance: Being technically sound and compliant with applicable regulations.

RMG is pleased to provide the following Program development services:

  • Program Development Programs:
    • OHS Programs/Management Systems;
    • Fall Protection Programs;
    • Hearing Conservation Programs;
    • Personal Protective Equipment Programs;
    • WHMIS Programs;
    • Workplace Violence Programs;
    • Working Alone Programs;
    • Lock-Out/Tag-Out Programs;
    • Hot Work Safety Programs;
    • Confined Space Entry Programs; and
    • Various other custom-designed programs as requested.
  • Plans:
    • Emergency Response Plans;
    • Exposure Control Plans:
      • Specific Chemical Agents;
      • Asbestos;
      • Lead;
      • Silica;
      • Pesticides;
      • Biohazards;
      • Heat/Cold Stress; and
      • Vibration
  •  Procedures:
    • CSE Procedures;
    • Silica Safe Work Procedures;
    • Asbestos Safe Work Procedures;
    • Lead Safe Work Procedures;
    • Lock-Out/Tag-Out Procedures; and
    • Various other custom-designed procedures as requested.

Together with the various programs, procedures and polices will form your complete OHS program.

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