The Ministry of Transportation expects carriers/companies to provide CVOR training to their drivers under the Highway Traffic Act in relation to;

  • Operating a commercial motor vehicle
  • Hours of operation and service
  • Log books, sleeper berth slits, when and how the logs are to be submitted to the carrier
  • Daily Vehicle inspections reports listing defects as major or minor

The company is also required to monitor each driver’s log to detect errors, or falsifications. This must be documented by the carrier and be available for inspection should the carrier be subject to a facility audit.

CVOR Driver Training

Drivers are expected to know the requirements in regards to submitting these reports to the carrier. While the carrier has the responsibility of monitoring these inspections.

RMG offers a full range of CVOR training courses designed to reduce the number of traffic tickets and charges received by drivers.  The CVOR training courses are conducted by fully trained former officers of the Ministry of Transportation Inspections Unit and former law enforcement officers.

Driver training ensures that drivers and staff are up to date on the requirements placed on them by the Ministry of Transport which in turn ensures that your company’s violation rate and safety record is kept at its lowest.

Having your employees undergo CVOR training is an essential element in determining due diligence in court proceedings. This supports the drivers and company should there be a CVOR Audit and keeps traffic tickets and insurance rates at their lowest.

Our driver training courses include, but are not limited to,

  • Vehicle Trip Inspection
  • Drivers Hours of Work
  • Transporting Dangerous Goods
  • Defensive Driving
  • Understanding your CVOR

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