Dealing with machines and equipment is one of the most hazardous tasks that an employee can perform.

All too often, we find that people are either unaware or ignore the hazards that are involved and ultimately become victims to traumatic injuries. The law applies specific responsibilities to employers, supervisors and workers in regard to guarding requirements, training, review and assessments.

Our team of Safety Professionals, Engineers and Process Flow Specialists can assist you in ensuring:

  • Current guarding meets or exceeds provincial and federal standards
  • Training meets the recognized standards and determine if it was delivered effectively so that operators, supervisors and managers understand the legal requirements under legislation
  • Lock out/ Tag out- verify procedures and policies are current, effective and properly followed
  • On-site policies and equipment are suitable to the job tasks being performed

Clients are provided with a full written report indicating issues that are not in compliance with regulations along with a detailed corrective action plan.