Account ManagementDealing with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (“WSIB”) can be a challenging and expensive process for any employer. Each claim commenced in relation to a work-related injury can have a significant financial impact on an organization.  Currently, there are two categories that an employer may be classified under-

Schedule 2 employers (as defined by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act) are required to pay the full cost of accident claims filed by their workers plus an administration fee.

While for Schedule 1 employers, a claim can impact the applicable experience rating affecting the size of the rebate or surcharge they will receive.

As such, properly managing WSIB claims regardless of classification is critical in keeping costs at a minimum.  The best way to reduce the cost of claims is the prevention of workplace injuries. However, when a work-related injury occurs, employers must actively manage and participate in the whole process.  Our 8-hour training program is designed specifically for Managers, Supervisors, HR staff and JOHSC members on how to effectively manage a WSIB claim.

Program Topics:

  • Internal and external accident reporting obligations
  • Do’s and Don’ts of submitting a WSIB form 7 (Employers Report)
  • Employer & employee involvement in claim process
  • Documentation
  • Red flags
  • Facilitating the Return to Work process