Work Injury ClaimAs its name suggests, a return to work (RTW) program is a plan established by a business to assist with the reintegration of an injured or ill employee back into the workplace. Its goal is to return employees to the workplace as soon as they are medically able.  A well-run RTW program affords benefits to both employers and their workers.

At times RTW programs can be complex and may involve many parties from the worker to the WSIB, medical staff, supervisors, Unions, JOHSC members and consultants. Our training program addresses the form and collaboration of all parties resulting in a effective early and safe return to work program.

Benefits for Employers

For employers, an RTW program offers the following advantages:

  • Retain Experienced Workers. Injured workers who remain at home for an extended period may become dispirited and leave the firm. Employers can retain valued and experienced employees by encouraging them to return to the workplace as soon as they are physically able.
  • Reduce Turnover. By returning injured employees to workplace promptly, employers can avoid the cost of hiring and training temporary staff, reduce overtime or permanent replacements.
  • Better Employee Relations. A successful RTW program signifies that the employer cares about its workers and their welfare.
  • Better Productivity. Even if they can’t perform at full capacity, injured employees who return to work are more productive than they would have been at home.
  • Reduced Costs. Injured employees who return to work part-time will collect fewer WSIB benefits than they would have if they remained at home. Thus, an RTW program can help reduce your WSIB costs.

Benefits for Employees

An RTW program also offers benefits to employees.

  • Retained Social Connections. By returning to work promptly, Injured workers can avoid feeling socially isolated. They also regain a sense of purpose from a daily work routine.
  • Financial Security. An RTW program can ensure that an injured employee retains his position at the company.
  • Skill Retention. An RTW program can help injured workers retain valuable skills.
  • Better Morale. Workers may feel better about their jobs knowing that their employer will facilitate their return to the workplace following an occupational injury.

Our RTW training program outlines the various steps within the legal requirements and best practices to ensure that firms not only follow but understand their obligations under the law.