Regulatory-Compliance-Books-2In 2017, the government of Ontario introduced the “Fair Workplaces, Better jobs Act 2017 (Bill 148). This bill introduces significant amendments to The Ontario Employment Standards Act, the labour Relations Act and limited changes to the OHS Act. Many amendments came into force on 01 January 2018 and some as early as November 2017.

RMG has delivered several information bulletins and many training sessions on Bill 148 and how firms can comply.

Now that this legislation has been in place for almost 2 months we are still seeing firms failing to comply or failing to understand the impact these changes may have on their daily operations.

RMG has developed an informal 2-hour training session for managers and supervisors to learn more about this legislation. Contact us at 226 972 1539 or at to book your session now.

Topics Include:

  • Increased minimum wage
  • equal pay for part-time
  • contract and assignment work
  • pay for on-call and cancelled shifts
  • increased vacation and public holiday pay entitlement
  • enhanced personal emergency leave
  • expanded parental and pregnancy leave entitlement
  • union access to employee lists for organizing efforts
  • expanded card-based certification and successor rights
  • heightened enforcement and penalties

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