heartsine-samaritan-pad-360p-automaticWhich AED Program is right for your firm?

There are just as many ways to purchase an AED as there are AED’s. DCS has developed a variety of leasing, purchase and rental programs to suit client needs and budgets. All rental/leasing plans include warranty service. Leasing/Rental packages include AED, Rescue ready Kit, Signage and enclosed metal cabinet.

Leasing: With our lease program you simply select the lease term and the accessories you need (cabinet, signage, kits etc.) DCS then bundles all the items together for one low monthly lease payment. At the end of the lease term the client may either purchase the unit outright or DCS will replace the unit with a new, updated unit and the lease simply continues. Lease programs work best for clients who do not want the upfront costs of a purchase, who may be purchasing more than 1 unit or who would also like the “soft” costs combined into one low monthly price. Lease terms can range from 12 months to 48 months.

Rental: Similar to our leasing program except the unit is returned to DCS at the end of term, rental terms are geared towards project specific requirements, client contract terms and provide for a quicker turnaround time so that capital is not tied up when contracts ends. This program is suitable for construction site projects, property management firms, school boards and seasonal employers. Have an event, project or special occasion and want to have an AED present, contact us for our highly competive short term rental agreements and pricing.

Our leasing packages for the Heartsine 350P model (including case, cabinet, signage, rescue ready kit, warranty and quarterly inspections) start at $ 40.00 per month, Our Heartsine 500P models with warranty, case, cabinet, signage, rescue ready kit and quarterly inspections start at just $ 52.00 per month.

Already have an AED, consider an upgrade package and receive a rebate on your current AED of up to $ 100.00 per unit

Contact us today to determine which model/package is best for your workplace