Recent Court Cases

Two directors fined 200k for failing to comply with ESA order –

Company Fined 70k after worker struck by forklift –

Company fined 90k for 2nd offence in relation to machine guarding resulting in injury to worker –

Further information and more court decisions can be found here

No one wants workers to be injured, having a properly managed safety program is paramount to prevention; Introduced in October 2017, Compass online data portal made workplace safety a matter of public record in Ontario and allowed businesses and the general public to see how companies measure up when it comes to worker health and safety.

Developed by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), the portal enables users to find and compare businesses using any combination of name, type or size to get a sense of injury rates and types, and numbers of lost-time claims.

Compass phase 2: Detailed statistics for employers

In late 2019, WSIB plans to introduce the next phase of Compass, which will allow employers access to a log-in portal to view claims, injury rates and other details specific to their businesses. More data means better decision-making, which will help to improve health and safety, and outcomes regarding return-to-work and injury prevention.

Upcoming Events:

  • 01 Jan 2020: New Respiratory Protection regulations come into effect
  • 17 Feb-31 March 2020: MoL Machine Guarding blitz

If you feel overwhelmed, we can help. Raven Management Group Inc can provide safety audits, Site Safety Staff, chemical inventories, safety training and Safety Management Services, so compliance comes easily, and employees stay safe!