hearing protection

hearing protectionDo you find your ears ringing after a day at work? Or, do you need to turn up your stereo on the drive home and find it far too loud the next day when you get into your vehicle? These are two signs that you may be suffering from some degree of noise-induced hearing loss.

Here are 7 statistics relating to noise-induced hearing loss:

  1. 4 Million workers who go to work each day are exposed to damaging noise levels. (NIOSH)
  2. A Work Safe BC study found that 25 percent of young people entering the workforce showed early signs of hearing loss, with a further 4.6 percent showing abnormal hearing test results.
  3. In 2007, Approximately 82 percent of occupational hearing loss cases were reported among workers in the manufacturing sector. (NIOSH)
  4. The 2 most common causes of hearing loss are noise-induced hearing loss and age-related hearing loss.
  5. Noise-induced hearing loss is the number 1 occupational accident in North America. (Workplace Medical Corp.)
  6. A comprehensive hearing conservation program consists of these 7 elements: noise measurement; education and training; engineered noise control; hearing protection devices; the posting of signs warning of noise hazards and the need for hearing PPE; annual hearing tests; and an annual program review.
  7. Noise above 85 decibels (dbs) can cause hearing loss, especially when the exposure lasts for an extended period of time. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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