Safety or Security audits may be conducted on a voluntary or required basis by knowledgeable, experienced professionals who will assist in reducing personnel risk and insure compliance with applicable standards, regulations and programs.

Audits are used to assess a company’s safety/security management system, determine the use of corporate policies and procedures in regards to compliance, as well as to identify what regulations or requirements apply to and should be in place at a given facility.

There are four key benefits to having 3rd Party audits:

  • Knowledge & Validation: 3rd party audit companies have the benefit of having conducted audits in multiple environments and are able to share best practices that can strengthen individual programs, industry-wide knowledge held by 3rd party providers can serve to validate existing programs and provide recommendations for growth or change when deemed necessary
  • Objectivity: 3rd party audits are able to come in and provide a neutral assessment of company programs without the natural familiarity that occurs over time with regular staff and day to day routines
  • Result Accuracy: Due to objective positioning the results of a 3rd party audit provide more accurate review of what is occurring in regards to safety/security practices
  • Low Business Impact: Audits conducted internally can be taxing on time and labour and take away from overall business functions, however a 3rd party auditor is able to enter the location and conduct the audit and interviews in a timely and effective manner without interrupting the efficiency of the company

Using a 3rd party to conduct audits allows for a fresh view and a different approach to research, review and analysis of company safety of security programs.

A well-prepared and well-executed audit can make substantial difference in the prevention of accidents, incidents and injuries as well as forming an integral part of a “due diligence” program.

Thoroughly completed audits with proper follow up are viewed favourably by regulatory agencies and can strengthen a firm’s safety/security program.