Ergonomics2 1

Presented below a simple way of reminding employees how to reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders. Call it the,

‘Ten Commandments of Ergonomics’

These principles can be printed and kept at the desk or workstation of the employee as a reminder.

  1. Ergonomics2 1Thou shall take micro-breaks at work
  2. Thou shall keep everything within easy reach at work
  3. Thou shall move, exercise and stretch
  4. Thou shall not use excessive force
  5. Thou shall avoid static postures
  6. Thou shall maintain a comfortable environment
  7. Thou shall not perform repetitive work without breaks
  8. Thou shall minimize fatigue
  9. Thou shall maintain neutral postures
  10. Thou shall not stare at the computer screen for long time