covid-19-vaccineAs we all continue to deal with the COVID 19 outbreak as more provinces are easing restrictions there is some new directions issued by the City of Toronto and The Province of Ontario regarding Vaccine policies and programs for the workplace,

Please note: Information regarding COVID 19 changes frequently, sometimes within the same day, including the details of various government assistance programs, regulations, and best practices. As such it is extremely important carefully review each update and obtain information from credible government, health service or public health units.

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  1. Reg 364/20, Rules for Areas at Step 3 and at the Roadmap Exit Step requires any business or organization open for business, to operate “in compliance with the advice, recommendations and instructions of public health officials…”.  (Emphasis added)

On August 20, 2021, the Medical Officer of Health for Toronto (MOHT) issued a “strong recommendation” that every local business implement a COVID-19 vaccination policy.  The City of Toronto has also provided guidance on the key components of such a policy.

Based on the language of O. Reg 364/20 and the MOHT recommendation, any business or organization open for business in the City of Toronto must have a vaccination policy that encourages vaccination.

Ontario Workplaces

On Tuesday, August 24, 2021, the Government of Ontario amended O. Reg 364/20 to specifically give to the province the authority to require a business or organization to have a vaccination policy and/or set out what must be included in such a policy.  The amendment reads:

The person responsible for a business or organization that is open shall operate the business or organization in compliance with any advice, recommendations and instructions issued by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, or by a medical officer of health after consultation with the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health,

  • requiring the business or organization to establish, implement and ensure compliance with a COVID-19 vaccination policy; or
  • setting out the precautions and procedures that the business or organization must include in its COVID-19 vaccination policy. 

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