Public Health Agency of Canada

On 27 November, 2021 issued changes to travel requirements in response to the Omnicron Variant, please note at this time these updated procedures do not apply to travel to/from the USA

Effective immediately

  1. All  international air travelers returning to Canada will be subject to arrival testing- REGARDLESS of vaccine status
  2. All international air travelers must quarantine at a suitable location until they receive their arrival test results


  1. All unvaccinated air travelers must now quarantine for 14 days upon return,
  2. All unvaccinated air travelers must retake a COVID 19 PCR test on day 8 of the quarantine period,
  3. All unvaccinated air travelers must quarantine at a government approved facility or suitable location until the results of the arrival test are received
  4. Flights from 11 African countries have been banned, Canadian residents wishing to return to Canada will have to arrange third country flights and testing prior to returning to Canada.

These restrictions are in effect immediately and the government has not set a date for review.

Anyone travelling by Air to sun destinations this holiday season are advised to include these quarantine periods into their vacation plans.

Additional details can be found in the Public Health Agency of Canada’s press release.